11/11/2021 - 12/11/2021
9:00 - 13:30
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The course covers the design of binary and multicomponent distillation mostly based on the book “Distillation Design” by Henry Z. Kister.

The McCabe-Thiele method is shortly reviewed and applied to identify the optimum feed location, different types of pinches and the effect of cooling and heating on column stages, effect of more than 1 feed, sidedraws, ….

In case of multicomponent distillation of non-ideal mixtures, design boundaries (minimum number of stages, minimum reflux ratio) are difficult to determine, as simple short-cut methods (Underwood, Gilliland, Fenske) are useful only for relatively ideal mixtures.
To visualize the operating conditions and identify correct feed location, reflux ratio, …, graphical methods based on the results of multicomponent rigorous column simulations are introduced and discussed (Hengstebeck-, Key Ratio- and d/b-Plots).

An Excel macro (VBA source code) program is provided as part of the course material, that can generate these diagrams automatically from the column profile output in CHEMCAD.

The diagrams allow to easily identify mis located feed points, wrong thermal state of the feed, excessive reflux or reboil and and allow to identify cases, where additional feeds or side-draws or intermediate heat exchangers are attractive.

A short outlook is given on similar methods for extraction (Hunter-Nash) and combined balance line construction in extraction-distillation combinations (example: QVF-process for acetic acid recovery (De Dierich)).

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The seminar can also be held in German.

Lecturer: Jürgen Rarey

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