9:00 - 16:00
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The selection of an appropriate thermodynamic model and choice of parameters is of great importance for process simulation and many novice users of CHEMCAD are insecure about the right choice.The course will briefly introduce the most common models for the description of pure component and mixture properties with their specific range of applicability.

Different estimation methods together with their strengths and limitations will be introduced (Joback, …, UNIFAC, mod. UNIFAC, …).

Various processes will be discussed with respect to model selection and parameter estimation or regression and most common mistakes will be exemplified.

In most cases, only a limited portion of the model parameters is crucial for a design, while many others have relatively little influence on the results. The course will train different strategies to adequately address these issues.

You can find the detailed agenda for the seminar here.

The seminar can also be offered in German.

Lecturer: Jürgen Rarey

Registration Deadline: 1 November 2020


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