Chemstations is a leading international supplier of process simulation in chemical engineering.

The CHEMCAD software enables the interactive creation of flow charts, the simulation of all essential processes including control processes and the graphical representation of the results. It is characterized by an extensive property database, numerous thermodynamic models and open interfaces to MS-Excel, VBA, C++ and .NET.

2016 CHEMCAD 7.0 is released
2014 CC-API, the interface to CHEMCAD flowsheets is released for selected users (closed beta).
2012 Chemstations Europe GmbH, Berlin, becomes the new European head office and Prof. Dr. Armin Fricke is appointed as managing director.
2007 CHEMCAD 6.0 is released with a new design that incorporates feedback from our customers and users. Over 1,000 companies worldwide use CHEMCAD, CC-BATCH, CC-THERM and CC-DYNAMICS.
2000 CHEMCAD 5.0 is released with complete rewrite in Visual C++.
1997 CHEMCAD IV is put on the market, as a Windows-compatible version.
1993 Chemstations Deutschland GmbH is founded and Wolfgang Schmidt is appointed as managing director. Chemstations is represented at the GVC-VDI annual meeting in Nuremberg.
1992 CC-THERM and CC-BATCH are released.
1988 The first CHEMCAD seminars are held in Germany and Switzerland. CHEMCAD is presented at Achema. Chemstations Inc. is founded.
1985 MicroCHESS changes its name to CHEMCAD.
1983 CHESS is made PC-compatible and is renamed as MicroCHESS.
1968 The origin concept behind CHEMCAD was CHESS (Chemical Engineering Simulation System), developed by Dr Rudy Motard and Dr Ernest Henley at the University of Houston with a grant from the US Navy.
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