You require a license to use CHEMCAD.

The license allows utilization in line with the license agreement and includes Maintenance, Update and Support (MUS).

The legal terms of use are described in the following. The technical requirements for the use of CHEMCAD are described in the chapter license management.

The projects in which you can use CHEMCAD vary greatly. This is why we offer you different license models.

Unlimited use

If you, your colleagues or employees use CHEMCAD on a daily basis, this CHEMCAD license model is best suited for your needs. A defined number of users can work with CHEMCAD at any time throughout the entire company.

Monthly use

If you only require CHEMCAD for individual projects with a planned completion schedule, licensing the program for a few months until completion of the project would be the best option for you.

Hourly use

If you want to use CHEMCAD to quickly issue updated model recalculations with previously prepared models, hourly licensing would be the best option for you.


The programs have a modular layout and can be compiled depending on the project requirements.

  • CC-STEADY STATE is the basic program of the CHEMCAD Suite. CC-FLASH is contained in CC-STEADY STATE.
  • CC-BATCH, CC-THERM, CC-SAFETY NET and CC-DYNAMICS are available as stand-alone programs.
  • CC-FLASH is contained in CC-STEADY STATE and is available as stand-alone programs.

Special conditions for universities/colleges

Public universities/colleges are entitled to special conditions.

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